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About us

Benebión S.A. de C.V. Is a Mexican company leader in the processes of phytosanization, discharacterization and sterilization from the irradiation of products, such as fruits, vegetables, dehydrated foods, spices, powders and medical equipment, among others. Our Benebión plant has the infrastructure, equipment and operators specialized in the irradiation process with state-of-the-art technology in the treatment of products to extend their shelf life, maintaining their quality, taste and freshness.


To provide the best technology to disinfect and discharacterize food products, benefiting society with better quality products, free of pests and longer shelf life at competitive costs in a safe environment, satisfaction and development opportunity for our work team, generating our own resources to continue growing.


BENEBION service will allow Benebión S.A. de C.V. to be the leading company in the provision of Irradiation services that benefit the chains of food production, commercialization and consumption, both in the country and abroad, with a better quality and health of its products allowing it to reach demanding markets.


BENEBION S.A. de C.V. Concluded the construction of the BENEBION treatment plant and officially started operations in 2011 located on a plot of the Industrial Park of Matehuala, 2nd. section. The high density concrete shield and the industrial warehouse are certified and have adequate access ramps that go from the trucks to the platforms.

The gamma irradiator equipment and its auxiliary systems were installed in tandem with Canadian engineers from the company NORDION, the personnel who work in the BENEBION plant and supported by local human resources, which has allowed a successful implementation of the plant. Its official inauguration and commencement of operations was on July 21, 2011, prior to this all the pre-operational tests and certifications necessary for its operation.