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Shelf Life

Reaching more distant and more demanding markets within our country and abroad requires a longer shelf life of some perishable fresh produce, which requires special care and strict quality control, as well as reliable treatment to achieve the objective and be able to compete.

The BENEBION treatment with irradiation offers a solution for those products that have limitations in their shelf life due to their deterioration by bacteria and fungi.

This treatment is particularly effective for products such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and mushrooms, since in many cases it can double its shelf life, maintaining its quality and freshness, without altering its nutritional and functional attributes. This treatment can also be used to delay the ripening of some fruits. Contact us to jointly determine the best methodology for your products.

Final Packaging

One of the advantages in the Benebion treatment is its direct application in the product inside its final packaging, so the possibility of recontamination is avoided and it can be sold practically after leaving the facilities of the Benebion plant.

Reduction of Depletion

Product depletion is a disadvantage of several decontamination processes, such as the hydrothermal treatment for some products, in which hot water is used to raise the product to a required temperature for a specified period of time, that is why the treatment at BENEBION with gamma rays becomes the right one in these cases, since there is no depletion in the product by decontaminating it in its final packaging and in a safe environment, keeping the cold chain during the process.