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Another important area of ​​collaboration and advice that BENEBION integrates into its services is the timely fulfillment of the procedures, records and management that producers and marketers of fresh fruits must do, both in SAGARPA and in the Department of Agriculture of the United States (USDA-APHIS), for the export of fresh fruits and dehydrated products treated with the BENEBION process.

To do this, we have in our electronic library all the necessary documentation (formats, rules and regulations) for these procedures. Also, available to our customers, is the Customer Care Center where we will take care of and advise you on this important issue regarding the route for your products, even before the harvest and until their delivery to customs from our country to the United States. This treatment is already used in Mexico, mainly in dehydrated products of export to the United States of America, and is approved by the Ministry of Health for domestic consumer products. BENEBION offers a service of reduction of microbiological load or debaterization of products by the application of irradiation, both in bulk, final presentations, as in packages or bags. The United States also approves this treatment through the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), Contact us for more information.