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In BENEBION we develop processes in order to help each client with their specific needs, offering::

  • Assistance in their dealings with regulatory agencies
  • Assistance in the procedures with the regulatory agencies.
  • Process management in our plants based on strict quality control.
  • Provision of documentation, requirements and certification necessary to ensure your product with the required standards in our country and abroad.

Contact us for your phytosanitary needs, food safety and shelf life extension. You will notice that our prices are highly competitive compared to the methods currently used. This treatment is already used in Mexico, mainly in dehydrated products from the export to the United States of America, and is approved by the Ministry of Health for products of Internal consumption BENEBION offers a service of reduction of the microbiological load or discharacterization of products by the application of irradiation, in bulk, final presentations, as in packages or bags. The United States also approves this treatment through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Contact Us for more information.