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Microbial Load Reduction

Microbial load on a wide variety of food items such as spices, herbs, or frozen goods represents a significant concern to the food industry as well as the end consumers. The tightening of internal standards and the conviction to get it right every time has lead to industry leaders around the world adopt irradiation as an additional kill step for peace of mind. Recognized by the FDA and other health regulators around the world, irradiation is the one treatment that can be applied in the final packaging, targets a wide spectrum of pathogens and is tolerated well by a large variety of food items.

The additional benefit of protecting the food item from any heat and maintaining the cold chain at all times together with the elimination for the potential of any chemical residues make irradiation the treatment of choice for a large carry of customers in Mexico and around the world.


ISO 14470

Food Irradiation

F 1885

Standard Guide for Irradiation of Dried Spices, Herbs, and Vegetable