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Sterilization of medical equipment

Medical device sterilization around the world is seeing an increased transition to the use of irradiation and away from ethylene oxide, vapor heat or dry heat treatments. Especially if your product is of low density like single use medical devices often are, irradiation is the process of trust for an increasing majority of industry players.

The inherent advantages of irradiation over other processes lies state of the art process validation and reliability, eliminating the need for product quarantine after treatment. Repackaging after treatment are also not necessary making logistics and material costs much more advantageous.

While setting up an ISO11137 dose setting protocol for irradiation might seem a major undertaking, BENEBION’s experienced staff provides free of charge consulting services to get your product and process validated to international standards. Our team of experts can also help you with material selection, and provide all required product testing free of charge

We invite you to contact us to discuss how simple a transition away from other process can be made for you.


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ISO 11737

Sterilization of Medical Devices

TIR 17:2008

Compatibility of Materials Subject to Sterilization