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BENEBION has installed its first gamma irradiation plant, designed by MDS NORDION, for the phytosanitary treatment of fresh fruits and the reduction of microbial load in dehydrated products. A second facility is being planned for the state of Jalisco in medium term.

This process uses the high energy photons from a source of Cobalt-60, which penetrate the products causing ionization in their atoms, sterilizing larvae of fruit flies and eliminating bacteria harmful for the healt of dehydrated products. This proven technology has been used in more than 40 countries around the world for many years and has proven to be the most efficient and economical to achieve your production goals.

In addition, it presents technological advantages over the use of accelerated electrons or X-rays due to its penetration capacity in dense and thick products with good dose uniformity when the products to be processed are handled on industrial pallets.

Gamma irradiation is the most cost effective technology and is preferred by many customers, because it can be applied to products on industrial pallets, thus reducing the need for excessive handling of products or materials and the possibility of a new contamination or infestation from them.

Our staff is qualified and qualified for your operation and receives:

Constant retraining to maintain the level of safety required by national and international standards.

Due to the nature of the gamma radiation used, this process does not induce any radioactivity in the products, so they are completely safe for human consumption, besides not implying an increase in their temperature. Contact us for advise.