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The practical way in which the radiation absorbed by the products that are treated with the BENEBION process, called "absorbed dose" can be quantified is using physical or chemical devices called dosimeters.

These devices present a known response to the absorption of this radiation, which can be quantified quickly and easily, in addition to being economical and that they can be stored for a long time, retaining the information on the absorbed dose.

In the plant, Dosimeters of alanine tablets are used, which are placed in the products before entering the treatment chamber, then are entered into the treatment chamber and are received together with the products and are withdrawn on leaving, and the aboserbed dose received by both the product and the dosimeters is determined afterwards.

These dosimeters can be used for absorbed doses from 10 Gy to 50 kGy, an electronic paramagnetic resonance spectrometer is also used to measure the absorbed dose and store the information for a long period of time.