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Quality control

During the BENEBION process, the products being treated do not absorb the same amount of energy throughout their volume, mainly due to the equipment's own geometry and the thickness of the pallets of products in which they are treated.

Therefore, the quality control of this process is a fundamental component in the daily operation of the facility and is the basis of the accreditations and authorizations that will be obtained for its operation, both by national and international agencies.

The quality control of the BENEBION process is performed using the alanine dosimeters (see Dosimetry) in the following stages:

  • Radiator Rating: Determine the positions of the maximum and minimum values ​​of absorbed dose in the product pallet volumes.
  • Process Qualification: Set the operating parameters of the BENEBION process, for each type of product.
  • Routine dosimetry: Measure the absorbed dose in products during your treatment at the facility and issue your dosimetry certificate.